Once upon a time there was a Paradise Island where creatures from earth, ocean and space united to celebrate life. This paradise was a place where everyone could be itself and dance and rave in unity. A community where anything was possible, and they lived life to the fullest. Now it’s time to reunite earth, space and ocean as one! Rave on this Paradise as if it was never lost at all.

Rave Island is brought to you by Rave Alert.

After 15 years of organizing raves all over Europe, the US and South America, Rave Alert has decided to organize the worlds’ first Neorave festival. Rave Alert is considered as the founding fathers of the Neorave movement and because of the 15 years anniversary and current world recognition, we would like to celebrate it with a 3-day festival, RAVE ISLAND

To unite the worldwide Neorave community we are teaming up with 9 partners, for three stages, boat parties, beach parties and hidden spots with over 70+ artists.

Rave Island has a lush, green and shadowed camping site. This camping site is limited, so please make sure you buy your ticket if you’d like to stay on the festival grounds. As Martinska, and the camping site are part of a UNESCO protected nature reserve, we have decided to donate €2 to JU Priroda to contribute to the preservation of the beautiful the natural resort Kanal-luka.

This lost paradise will be surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Martinska and a wonderful view on the picturesque town of Šibenik, Croatia.

The medieval city of Šibenik is well known for having multiple UNESCO monuments and being the recording location for many episodes of the famous ‘Game Of Thrones’ series.

Martinska is easily reachable by boat shuttles departing from Šibenik, which takes just 10 minutes, and by car it’s a 17-min drive.

Surrounded by the beautiful sea and nature, Martinska is a perfect location for our lost paradise, and we are looking forward to welcome you there!